Choice of words

One day I will be a better writer than I am today. Even when I stumble over the words to … More


We come a long way from where we’ve been. Coming from different backgrounds and growing from them. Each step taken … More


To paint a picture with words, we must feel what we see.


A warm cup of tea, revives the tired soul. Giving it rest, and making it whole.

Safe haven

Security is the love of your life holding your hand during the most difficult part of your life. Hope is … More

Frightening places

Shadows often creep at night making things appear a fright Losing every hope right now Even then I may be … More


Not good enough. Be normal. You can’t be normal. No one likes you. You can’t make anyone happy. You are … More

A gift

A gift I was given. A gift that went unnoticed for many years. I was blind to it, untold I … More