A gift

A gift I was given.
A gift that went unnoticed for many years.
I was blind to it, untold I had it.
The gift to be creative, through words with emotion.
A gift that has been passed down to others.
A gift thar shouldn’t be taken lightly.
To be able to create the world with your imagination.
To grow as you are.
To grow as to who you want to be.
To be the star the lights up the world you create.
To be the one who makes the changes.
You are the voice that doesn’t have to speak except through words.
To speak in a way that may take forever to decode.
To be the only one who can know what you mean.
You are the artist and you are the only one who can make the art you want your way.
No one else can be who you are, yes emotions can be very much the same but no one can know what certain things you feel.
You are the only one who can make you who you are.
Tragedies can change a person, happiness can change a person and you but use your gift to convey what you saw, felt, and heard.
The world may listen and then again the world may not.
But you mustn’t let your gift go. Even if it may turn out to be a simple hobby.
Don’t stop ever if it brings you joy.
Keep going if it depends on your future.
But do not let that gift go because that may be of value one day and only you can make your art unique.
Be unique, be different and dare to dream big.

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