Her sanity 

The world was never nice to her and she kept fighting with every inch of sanity that was left of her, she faded in and out of life often and never knew what to make of things. She was usually pretty sure of herself when it came to making decisions and people usually led her astray with broken dreams and false feelings. She was never one to listen to herself but much rather bend and often break for the sake of the others and what they wanted but never what she may have wanted. She occasionally got what she wanted and though it made her happy it did not last long and it went back to being about them. It didnt matter who it was about or what they needed it was about the. And their needs. She dreamed of not having to sit there and take all the shit that people would dish out to her. Living is never easy for anyone and when it came to life she hated it more and more as she got older and often wondered when her time would come. Would she go peacefully or by terrible force? she wondered who would miss her when she finally left this awful world. She was never made for much just as much as her parents were failures at life. When would her time or place come in this world? she was tired of waiting and was fading with every sunset. Time was passing and she wasnt going to wait too much longer. Things were going to change, it would be her biggest break or her longest fall. Her life was a joke to many people who stood before her and no one bothered to see her for what she really was rather just pass her off as a shadow who never meant a thing to anyone. She was never loved by her parents as they never called, she was a failure to her peers for not being able to take control of situations but was pushed over and left to remain as they were. Life is cruel and there are stronger forces that dont play so nicely. Some see that and can fight against the tides, while others ride the waves of the platter that everything they ever got was served to them on. she enjoyed the darkness that dewelled within her soul as she knew there wasnt much left of it, she had given most of it away and she didnt want it back as she wanted to forget any piece of her heart that she had shared with the world. she waited for a chance and the day to finally gather her soul back from those who had taken it from her and left her to bleed in silence. She never asked for anything from anyone except to be seen and taken out of the shadows. She fought hard for people to see her and no one bats a single eyelash. What else can she do? she faded and stayed where she was told. She was giving up as the days go by, living in a big city with limitless possiblitites but those opportunities were never within reach. She was always grateful for the things she has because she has never been without food, shelter, or a friend. Some people are not so fortunate and everyone struggles but when it comes down to the individual we feel lost in our own helplessness. Some people have those who love them to talk to and others are very much alone. I stay stuck in the middle and often choose to stay to myself because I fear the past to repeat itself and opening my feelings tend to hurt me in the end anyways but I tell the world what I have to say because what great writer died with their sanity? not many so fuck it I want the worls to see what I have longing inside my head. I will be seen one day maybe not as the greatest writer but maybe the craziest person who ever lived.

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