Today I pushed myself a little more than normal because I knew I could do more. I don’t push myself to exhaustion but I do want to feel results. I took a 30 minute power walk this morning to wake up and freshen my body. Later on closer to lunch I decided to get on the mat and stretch and ended up doing a little bit of a flow. As I was feeling in tune with myself i encouraged myself to try for the headstand. It took a few tries but I succeeded even though I did have the wall. I started stretching with the wall and it felt amazing. It just goes to show that you must keep practicing to achieve where you want to be. Believe and you will succeed.


Today I got on my yoga mat.

Today I told myself I was going to stretch more and flow more and be in touch with myself.

Today my flow seemed more natural.

Today I did more on the mat than I am used to.

Today I felt more balance during my day.

Today I felt great about myself.

It all starts with….



Not Confident

So since I’m still rather new to yoga but I’ve learned to flow instead of constantly having my face in a book trying to decide which pose I want to go with. What I struggle with the most is headstands. These advanced yogis make it look so flawless but I’m not confident in myself to achieve it. I feel like I’m still not strong enough and that I might end up breaking my neck because let’s face it I’m a little heavier than most I’ve seen and I know it’s possible but I fear I may never get there. It’s so difficult to be patient but I know with patience and practice I can achieve that headstand. I always try to tell myself not to let it get to me and that my strength will build in its own time. Maybe once I’ve lost a little more weight I won’t feel as heavy.

Low Blood

Sometimes people ask me why I have snacks next to my bed and why not leave them in the kitchen? I’ll tell you because at 7am when my blood sugar bottoms out and I can barely move because I just got out of sleep paralysis. I need a snack to snap me out of it and there ain’t a thing wrong with having emergency cookies on your nightstand. Yes I eat sweets but not as much as you think and most people would think that’s they are on my nightstand but no they are there to save my ass such as this morning.


Sometimes your body and mentality need a break from the constant strain of a busy demanding life. Others struggle more than others but our struggles are each their own. I have been severely unmotivated this week from losing my job after putting in my two week notice in after receiving a new job. I have wanted to do yoga but have barely done any true flow except for a little bit of stretching and relaxation in the bath tub. I always watch these amazing women and men on Instagram practice so hard and I want to be like that one day. I am trying so hard to promise myself that I will begin again next week once I get past the weekend. I have hope of starting this new job sooner with the help of my new co workers taking their roles of upper management and pushing it to happen. I need to focus on my health and learn to get into the habit of doing yoga daily so that I can tone and lose weight but also calm my restless mind from the stresses of life. Sometimes simple struggles like that can get someone down and all they need is a little push. Don’t give up, take a break but don’t stop trying.

When wishes come true

Since I was fired after putting in my two weeks notice in at my last job I knew i had some over time that would be on it but I didn’t know exactly what would be made of my last check. After the emotional break down of being stabbed in the back after busting my ass for a company i knew didn’t give two shits about me. I had wished for a miracle of a full paycheck as a way of my boss apologizing to me for what he did. I had every intention of walking in there to raise hell as i got my last check but the Goddess had told me to hold my tongue and I did just that. I walked in there and my old boss wanted to speak to me and told me it was nothing personal it was protection of the company and I told him it hurt what he did and he went ahead and said he would pay me for the full week to make it up to me and wished me the best. In that moment the Goddess had answered my inner wish that I had held onto this week. I left there with a sense of closure and a sigh of relief as I knew we could pay rent in full. Always pay attention what the Goddess has to say because she has a wonderful way of showing you that she has everything planned for you in the right time and order.

Not your average heartbreak

Getting a new car is never easy but it’s also fun because you get to upgrade into a newer model as the world advances around you. What’s never easy is leaving the current car that you had because you made alot of memories or it got you to a certain point in your life and helped you learn the true meaning of loyalty because that car was so dependable. I knew that car was on its very last limb no matter how much it was fixed the time would come for it’s replacement. Watching the tow men come and take it today was so sad but what made it so much worse was being there the minute the engine actually died when you least expected it to. I have seen human death and while it’s sad it’s something that I’m not very sensitive to and I’ll never understand that reason. Watching that truck figuratively take it’s last breath literally made me cry because I felt that truck knew it was time to go and that it completed its mission. Life works in the strangest of ways and this is something I’ll always keep in the back of my mind. Never forget the little things in life even if they are objects that don’t technically breathe life. They helped you get where you no matter your struggles.

Door slammed to the face

Several weeks ago I interviewed for a job for a good company to advance my knowledge elsewhere. I knew it wouldn’t go over with my boss as I was told he doesn’t take kindly to workers who plan on leaving the company. I made my manager aware that I would be departing of my current position and she ended up telling the owner who in turn fired me for no reason and making things difficult. Because of that I am with barely half my pay and rent is due soon. Having half the rent might cause a problem. Being betrayed by a comer employer is by far the worst thing to ever happen. To think you could leave a job safely and transition into a new job. To be stabbed in the back. I trusted they would do good by me as I have by them. Have you ever had an employer do you wrong and fire you before you finished up your two week notice? Tell me your stories.

Manifesting Your dreams

As a witch it can be very hard to stay concentrated on the goals you set and sometimes you need a little help from the divine as well as patience. Manifesting your dreams take hard work and you have to be willing to take a step back if the Goddess says it’s not time yet and put your focus else where. The Mother always has a plan for you despite what you may think. She has a way to guide you on the way to your dreams, you just have to have faith and wait for her call. When you really want something really bad you have to be patient focus on the item or thing you desire most and vision that you have just that. It may take time but you will get to where you need to be in time.

Yoga at the Office

Saturday’s at work are always dreadful because you don’t want to be there and would rather sleep in and go out and enjoy that wonderful day. Sometimes when I scheduled to come into the office on a Saturday and I miss my flow session the night before I always try to make it up in the morning when I get to the office because it keeps me on track and makes me feel refreshed even though I never wanted to work Saturday. Enjoying a quiet moment in an empty office isn’t really that bad when you focus on your poses and meditation. It helps refresh the mind and body reminding you that there is more to life than just eat, sleep, and work. Trying to stay focused on a diet and yoga can be stressful but you must keep in mind it’s helping you and should in turn be less dreadful as if it were a chore. Creating a healthy routine habit should be something we all should keep focus on because in the long run we want to live happy healthy lives and we can only achieve it if we put the hard work, determination, and focus into it.