Yoga at the Office

Saturday’s at work are always dreadful because you don’t want to be there and would rather sleep in and go out and enjoy that wonderful day. Sometimes when I scheduled to come into the office on a Saturday and I miss my flow session the night before I always try to make it up in the morning when I get to the office because it keeps me on track and makes me feel refreshed even though I never wanted to work Saturday. Enjoying a quiet moment in an empty office isn’t really that bad when you focus on your poses and meditation. It helps refresh the mind and body reminding you that there is more to life than just eat, sleep, and work. Trying to stay focused on a diet and yoga can be stressful but you must keep in mind it’s helping you and should in turn be less dreadful as if it were a chore. Creating a healthy routine habit should be something we all should keep focus on because in the long run we want to live happy healthy lives and we can only achieve it if we put the hard work, determination, and focus into it.

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