Not your average heartbreak

Getting a new car is never easy but it’s also fun because you get to upgrade into a newer model as the world advances around you. What’s never easy is leaving the current car that you had because you made alot of memories or it got you to a certain point in your life and helped you learn the true meaning of loyalty because that car was so dependable. I knew that car was on its very last limb no matter how much it was fixed the time would come for it’s replacement. Watching the tow men come and take it today was so sad but what made it so much worse was being there the minute the engine actually died when you least expected it to. I have seen human death and while it’s sad it’s something that I’m not very sensitive to and I’ll never understand that reason. Watching that truck figuratively take it’s last breath literally made me cry because I felt that truck knew it was time to go and that it completed its mission. Life works in the strangest of ways and this is something I’ll always keep in the back of my mind. Never forget the little things in life even if they are objects that don’t technically breathe life. They helped you get where you no matter your struggles.

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