When wishes come true

Since I was fired after putting in my two weeks notice in at my last job I knew i had some over time that would be on it but I didn’t know exactly what would be made of my last check. After the emotional break down of being stabbed in the back after busting my ass for a company i knew didn’t give two shits about me. I had wished for a miracle of a full paycheck as a way of my boss apologizing to me for what he did. I had every intention of walking in there to raise hell as i got my last check but the Goddess had told me to hold my tongue and I did just that. I walked in there and my old boss wanted to speak to me and told me it was nothing personal it was protection of the company and I told him it hurt what he did and he went ahead and said he would pay me for the full week to make it up to me and wished me the best. In that moment the Goddess had answered my inner wish that I had held onto this week. I left there with a sense of closure and a sigh of relief as I knew we could pay rent in full. Always pay attention what the Goddess has to say because she has a wonderful way of showing you that she has everything planned for you in the right time and order.

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