For years I’ve wanted to be an author and write great books that would storm the shelves of bookstores world wide. I’ve written many short stories that I’ve considered publishing into one book since I know they won’t get any longer. I’ve published two novels and I am half way through a third that I might turn into a short as well along with another that I have an idea for. But I’ve realized while I might love writing maybe novel writing isn’t exactly for me but rather a short story writer as well as a blogger such as what I am doing now because I can sit down for thirty minutes and bust out a good post and on a good day write half of a short story. Maybe that’s what I’m good at, plus I have other projects going on and I know I can’t spend all day writing because sitting in one place for too long drives me nuts. So I’ll stick to what I can accomplish and hope for the best. Don’t give up on what you love doing, just making it to where it’s doable.

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