I didn’t feel like getting on my yoga mat tonight because I’ve been feeling blah all day so I didn’t get on the mat, I flowed off the mat and put my focus into my balance and my strength and just thought about me and the music I was listening to. I feel better. I feel less blah and I was able to ground myself and become one with myself. I am still just as tired as when I started but I feel tired with a better purpose now. This is why I love yoga.

Tonight I decided to get back on the mat after my initial round because I guess I wasn’t done and worked on my tripod headstand and with patience and focus I was able to lift my hips up and remove my knees from my forearms and almost extended all the way. Despite falling the three times that I did it and I didn’t care that I fell it’s the fact that I had enough strength in my body to support that leg lift and I’m so proud of myself.

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