Ever have a project or projects you work on and just kinda stop and work on something else for a while even though you love what you do? That’s how I feel about writing. I have so many different stories that I can’t seem to finish, some I might, some a may never touch again. I have all this imagination and i want to share it with the world. Maybe one day I can compile all that I’ve worked on into work story. I would love for the world to be able to buy my books off the shelf and take my work home and relate to it. I know some of my stories aren’t the finest but who has the best work? No one because it all depends on the reader as well as the writer. We all have our passion. I know what stories I want to write but sometimes life gets in the way and you can’t always get the time you need to finish your work. One day I will or at least hope I become the best selling author I want to be. Anyone can make it happen you just have to try and not give up.

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