A writer never stops creating and dreaming. Im always working on new stuff and always have stuff laid to the side for future projects. Take a guess on what I could be working on next. #revolutionary #bookstagram #writerofinstagram #writersmuse #writerslife


      1. I see..
        I live in the largest continent of the planet, in the seventh largest country.



      2. Is the civil war same as the American Revolution? Or, the independence same as American Revolution? Or, is it a whole different event?

        I have a little knowledge of American history because of my nature of studies, but not exactly proficient enough to differentiate and pinpoint a lot of the events. I’m interested to know.


      3. The civil war is on the north and south American wars this comes well after the revolutionary war. The revolutionary war is the birth of Americans gaining independence from the British rule


      4. Ah, so the American war of independence is the American Revolution. Got it. 🙂


      5. Yes ma’am. Which gave birth to our declaration of independence and the 4th of July here in America. The civil war was due to ending slavery in America and the north and south fought over that


      6. Yes, I remember the cause of the civil war. 😀 President Abraham Lincoln, if I remember correctly? He was the first one to abolish slavery in the world, am I right?


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