No soda saga

So I haven’t been able to update on my writing in a while due to not actually writing but more like being slammed with work so I wanted to update on me and what has happened to me recently.

No soda saga:
Three days ago I stopped drinking soda cold Turkey before the nightbefore I quit I was up all night long with a mind splitting migraine so bad I considered going to the hospital and I NEVER go for any reason unless I’m bleeding uncontrollably. Well I realized I may be having a really bad rejection to soda. For me I drank them religiously and all day long no water nothing else but soda. I also had severe headaches and body aches. Which resulted in me downing up to six pills of over the counter relief a day. So I dropped soda completely. On day 1 the headache was still there. My body still hurt and my attitude was pretty much the same. On day 2 my brain was less foggy, my head pain was at a complete standstill and my body aches were minor. Today day 3, I have had ZERO headaches or migraines. ZERO over the counter meds ZERO body aches. I have had alot more focus, no fatigue or fog brain. My anger level is down tremendously BUT my stress level is at an all time high which caused a minor breakdown at work with my DDO but I think my stress level will decrease as my body rids itself of the soda toxins. So the no soda saga continues for updates on one week of freedom. #nosodasaga #caffienefree #bettethealth #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #health

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