Today I rolled up my yoga mats, my teacher training books, and anything having to do with yoga and placed them safely in my closet for safe keeping should I ever need them again.

Today I decided to take a step back in life to reflect on where I wanted to go next. What I want to do next. I have the ability to do and master many great things. I’ve written many books and several are published, I’ve studied and practiced yoga but never finished the teacher training for many reasons. I want to become a business owner and I was thinking what can I really sell that people would like? I can sew and I have a creative mind. I’ve altered clothes for years. I’ve been able to use a sewing machine for years and quite frankly I’m just as good at designing clothes as I am with my writing and I can sell my books along side with the clothes I make.

Yoga is ideal for those who have a decent body for it but my bones have been giving me alot of issues and the smoke and mirror of the yoga world is starting to disgust me. I dont want to be labeled into that world.

I want to produce items for the world. To have a name for myself in the world. My books have started that for me and I plan to pushing it forward.

In the title it reads Multipotentialite and the definition of that is someone with one or more creative arts and passions. Ok so it’s not the Google definition ( I’ve posted a picture of the term) but its close enough but I was looking for a logical term for why I have so many interests that I persue and this was that term.

I find that it’s ok to have this problem as it keeps my mind fresh and young. I see people change their careers in the middle of their college careers all the time and i feel like this is ok too.

Does anyone else have this problem too?

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