Hello again

So its nearly 10:30 on a Wednesday night and you’ll see this tomorrow morning after I’ve gotten up and went to work. Alot has changed since I’ve been away. Lost a job i was very loyal to. Gained a new job in a new industry so I’m hoping it works out. Decided to buy a sewing machine and made some clothes and gifts. Unfortunately had to do away with yoga because my shoulders cant handle it. I have severely damaged shoulders that cant be cured or healed so I have to do something else so I took up running. That’s challenging but its doable and its helping me lose weight. I’m moving into a new apartment in 14 days so that’s nice and exciting. Theres a new book I want to write but I’m wondering if I should finish and publish the book that’s been sitting unedited on the shelf since February. Yeah I know that’s been a long ass time for a book to just sit but I’ve been busy. I suppose I’ll publish after I do a major edit. Geez I should probably go to sleep I have to be up in 6 and a half hours. But hey its almost Friday right? How is everyone? Anything new or exciting? Lemme know


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