Coffee Talk 8/17/19

How is everyone on this fine Saturday? good i hope. anyone doing anything exciting or going anywhere? what about your summer vacations? unfortunately i did not get to take any time off this summer or go on any fun trips as i was in between jobs. but all is well and it worked out and all is well. even though the summer wasn’t exciting with vacations. me and my other half have upgraded our apartment and moving into at the end of August so that’s worth all the non excitement this summer. My other half and i have lived in Texas for almost three years and we rented an apartment in a not so good area of Dallas and just dealt with it. We haven’t been harmed but we’ve seen 3 cars get stolen right in front of us, our truck was broken into but they didn’t take anything that they could steal and seemed to leave behind a crack pipe that we found a few weeks later and tossed it out in shock. We’ve seen several head on collisions that resulted in people fighting and then people leaving the scene. but we are finally happy to be leaving this area after living here for two years. Its nice turning a house into a home and making new memories and seeing how much changes. We are throwing out a lot of things we don’t use or need, things are getting cleaned up and we’re planning on how we want the furniture to go and how we want to decorate as most starter homes there are no true designs because you’ve never really lived in a place of your own so you’re just kind of just placing stuff anywhere and just going with it. This new place we have more of a vision of how we want it to be like and more defined of who we are. My goal is to give it a more modern Gothic feel and luckily me and mine are spooky people so it works out.


So speaking of coffee talks, I’ve decided to commit some of my Saturdays so weekly chats and make it a thing and just blog a little more. So be sure to come say hi on Saturdays for new coffee talks. Today i had to wake up at 5:30 am to take my guy to work and i did not want to get up at all, then i came back to the house and napped until 7 am and then wake back up again to take breakfast to my guy and his office crew but before i did that i went to waffle house for of course a waffle and as i was paying i did the dumbest thing i have ever done as an adult. While giving the tip i used the : like i was telling TIME instead of the . for money instead. I felt so stupid guys. So i got the crew their breakfast tacos and then made my way to Starbucks.


Well i need to hop off here and go pay some bills and pack up the rest of the apartment as we only have two weeks until the big move. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoyed my Saturday coffee talk!





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