Coffee Talk 8/24/19

Welcome back to your Saturday coffee talk. How has everyone’s past week been? Well I got alot to talk about today so let’s get started shall we?

So let’s start with Zach Galifianakis and Twitter. Well last Saturday after my first coffee talk I got a Twitter follow from Zach Galifianakis and I was shocked like completely that a celebrity was following me. Then my heart broke when I took a closer look and saw that he was an imposter! It seems like there are too many of them these days. Needless to say I retweeted him and tagged the real Zach Galifianakis.

So if you live in Texas or in a really hot part of the world wherever you may be. You know it can be too hot to be outside at times. Well since I dont have a gym membership I haven’t been able to run and that’s been a wee bit depressing but hey in less than a week I’ll have a gym at the apartment that I live so that will be good and useful. What kind of outdoor fitness do you enjoy and why?

And as mentioned before I am moving to a new apartment and I couldn’t be more excited! Its officially less than a week and I’m sitting here typing this knowing itll be my last coffee talk in this room. Theres been 2 of each holidays here and for the most part my real starter apartment and I’m slowly learning a thing or two about decorating which could still really use some help. Also in other news I have been working as a temporary contractor employee for a really nice company and after 520 hours they can choose to convert you over into their employee full time. Well Friday was my lucky day. Well a week prior I had surpassed my 520 hours and got an email from the general manager letting me know I’ll be getting my application from HR and even though Friday started awful, it ended in the best way possible.

In other news has anyone ever choked on romaine heart lettuce before? Well lunch on Thursday I sent to a salad bar and as I was chewing I almost died and they say vegetables are good for you.

The space between us. Has anyone seen that movie? Well *spoilers* its basically about NASA sending astronauts to live on Mars. Well on the trip a female pilot turns out to be pregnant and it apparently takes nine months to get from Earth to Mars (its only seven months according to Google). And once she lands she has the child. And my question is could a fetus really survive such a long trip? Also the mother dies and I wondered how they even fed him. NASA needs to explain themselves. What do you think?

So moving on to my final topic of coffee talk Saturday, becoming lactose intolerant in my late 20s. I love cheese, some milk products and chocolate milk. Well it’s becoming very painful to consume those products and sometimes cheese is off limits. I’ve had to resort to buying gas x and eat tums just to keep my poor tummy from wanting to explode. What has changed for you with age that you wish your body would chill out on? Leave a comment and let me know.

Well wonderful coffee talkers thanks for stopping by. Be sure to hit that notification tab to keep up with my next posting.

Have a good week and stay safe.

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