No more coffee

So two weeks ago I started having sugar issues with my body. I hadn’t quite linked it to coffee but day after day I would drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day which was always loaded with creams and sugars. Then I decided to just stop drinking coffee to see how it would affect my body. I noticed right away I was feeling better but also I had more energy. So I had stopped drinking coffee. I noticed my sugar levels had returned to normal and wasn’t spiking. The thing is though is that I’ve been tested multiple times for diabetes but I never came back positive with it. So I just need to watch my ssugar intake and take up more exercise. I will had to my conclusion that I did have a regular vanilla iced coffee on Sunday because I had moved into a new apartment this past weekend and so I was feeling extremely tired and needed a pick me up. I learned for good that I couldn’t drink the coffee with large amounts of cream and sugar unless I an constantly moving and lower my weight. Let me know what your experiences have been with sugar levels and your weight.

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