Glitch in the matrix

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Its almost the best time of year and honestly who doesn’t love Halloween? Halloween is always filled with spooky stories and tales of things that shouldn’t take place. My particular story happens to take place yesterday as I was coming home from work.

Now we all usually have things happen to us that can’t be explained and sometimes we’re alone when they happen and then no one believes us. Well my story involves a witness and I’m so lucky because most of the time I see stuff by myself and I usually keep them to myself.

So yesterday my boyfriend and I were on the way home and we pull into our turning lane to our apartment complex. Theres a truck on the opposite side wanting to turn into the opposite complex across the street so I’m turning left on and he’s turning right. So I’m sitting there waiting to turn and I finally see it get down to two cars, a white and a blue. They pass the truck and pass me except only one car, the white car.

So I inch forward starting to turn but with caution as I’m looking for the blue car thinking well maybe its behind the truck. The boyfriend also knew there were two cars and was also wondering if it was behind the truck. It wasn’t. This car had no other turning points from which that truck in front of me and I had.

My boyfriend and i started asking each other where did it go? We both clearly saw two cars and only one passed. I will note that I did not see the front end of this blue car just the rear end. The only reason I tell this because it looked like the rear end of a car from the 1950s.

After speaking to a friend upon what happened she mentioned the word paranormal and that’s when it hit me. Was there a car accident right in this area back in the 1950s and was that a ghost we saw?

I did some research on the particular area and came up empty. I’ll continue my research and see what I can find but for now. What are your thoughts and theories? Let me know in the comments.

If I dont post before then I wish everyone a safe and trick or treat.

Happy Halloween

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