Law and Order

New solutions for all criminals.

If you’ve murdered someone with proper evidence, you get shot. If you rape, molest, sexually assault or beat anyone, as well as child and animal abuse you get hung in front of a live audience. If you steal, you lose a hand and move limbs the more thefts automatically after the age of 21 and you would not qualify for disability. If you’re a drug user and not a dealer must be proven you get therapy and 5 years jail times and repeat offenders gain more jail time and fines. You kidnap and falsely imprison someone you automatically win 50 years behind bars unless proven otherwise. If you break any kind of minor law automatic 5 years or more depending on the severity of the crime. Terrorists and active shooters will be shot on the spot.
All criminals who plead insanity will be tested and proven if its possible.

Now imagine how big the cemeteries and jails would be? Imagine how much less the population would be?

Also of you’re in jail unless you have a proven medical condition that prove you can’t work All criminals will be forced to work whether it be mopping floors of empty schools, cleaning yards, yard work, sorting trash etc. No criminal may handle food. With good terms they may serve their time in a homeless shelter and helping the community. Must be approved by 3 or more judges to serve extensively. It also does not matter how much you work your sentence will not be reduced.

Final notes this was sparked by seeing so much crime year after year. I’d happily push this into law. I’m tired of how this world is becoming. There needs to be some fear put back into society to show people how to behave. There needs to be some kind of order. And these might come off as harsh but alot of you dont realize how cold and dead my heart and soul can get.

Finally you’re welcome lol

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