Hello everyone. How was Thanksgiving and are you ready for the winter holidays within the next few weeks? I’m not sure I am or not but what I am ready for is the next chapter of my writing career. I’ve decided to write a children’s picture book. I can write just fine but it’s the drawing that I’m going to have to learn. Now I can’t exactly draw to save my life. I’ve made some attempts and even managed a rough draft to the first page of my book which excites me because its showing me I’m entirely capable of writing and illustrating this children’s picture book. Its possible to achieve the things you want if you truly put your mind to it and dont give up. I still have a long way to go when it comes to art style but I believe I am on to something grand with this project. I will be learning to dabble with water color but I may leave that for when I transfer it to digital media. I am just learning to make the technique that I desire so it’s more fulfilling in the long run.

“She sailed across the sea of bobbing apples.”

(Picture is posted of what I saw in my minds eyes and was able to learn how to draw that without help and that alone is rare.)

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