Sharp Turn

Hello everyone it’s my birthday! I’m officially 365 away from the big 3-0 and I honestly never thought I’d get this far.

Rec I had taken a reinterest in photography and for a split second I wanted a life as a photographer but in reality I just wanna take pictures of those that amuse me. I’m not exactly good at directing people for shoots BUT I do want to make videos. I love videos and all that can come to life in them so my camera will still be in use.

I am also picking up a few hobbies I did set down a little while ago such as youtubing. In 2015 I had starting reviewing products and was getting views too but set it down due to time strains and other life responsibilities. Fun. But I want to try again and I have a better concept of what I want to do rather than just set around.

I keep talking about my next book and it’s still coming along just one step at a time. Editing takes forever lol

Do any of you own a YouTube channel? If so link in your channel in the comments and let me subscribe to you.

I also want to send a special thanks to those who follow this blog and listen to my nonsense. It means alot. ❤

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