Stumble and fall

In a world so cruel and cold,

I stand frozen in fear lost in it all.

In the middle of heaven and hell

There’s no place for me to dwell

What do I do now?

Where do I go?

If there’s no way to break through,

Will I stumble and fall?

What if I stumble and fall,

Who will catch me?

Where do I go

If there’s nothing left then why am I here?

Empty inside there’s no use hiding it anymore.

I’m cursed like a broken mirror,

7 years of bad luck when it feels like an eternity.

Useless in my mind but brilliant to others,

So what if I am?

Everyone is great to their own mother.

I never achieve what I want in my heart,

Because I’m a complete failure.

What do I do?

Where do I go?

Who will be behind me,

If I stumble and fall.

Stumble and fall.

Nothing left to lose.

Nothing more to hide.

Even if I stumble and fall,

Am I strong enough to catch me?

Who I am is who I’ve been all along,

No need to hide,

No need to cry.

Frozen in fear there’s no need my dear,

There’s nothing left to hide.

What do I do?

Who am I now?

Will they catch me,

If I stumble and fall

Or will they leave me to crash and burn.