New horror novel and covid 19 update

Man life has been absolutely insane since the coronavirus hit. I hope all my followers have been safe as well as your families. No one close to me has been affected.

I had started working from home since March 16th and it’s been giving me quite a bit of cabin fever. The company I work for just to furlough or temporary lay off some employees today and I found out I was safe which was a huge relief for me. I haven’t heard back on when we will be physically returning to the office but I have heard they are starting to open places starting May 1st in Dallas Texas so we will see what will happen after.

I had wanted to focus on writing a new book in a genre that I wanted. I wanted it to be errie in the sense of Mary Shelley’s frankenstein or The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe but similar in a sense to The Birdbox if anyone had a chance to watch that on Netflix. I didn’t have anything to go off of just yet then last night we had a delayed severe thunderstorm that had some really scary thunder and lightning.

A bright flash of lightning followed by a booming thunder woke me from a dead sleep about 9:30 last night and scared me so much I took my blankets and ran to the livingroom where my boyfriend was playing a game I am deadly scared of thunderstorms so I started having an anxiety attack soon after. While I was on the run to the livingroom in fright I saw the image of the monster that will fuel my horror novel, I saw the backdrop of how my monster would attack. I knew then and there I had a basis for my horror novel and probably one of the best books I’ll ever write in my life time this story scares my soul just thinking about it but I have to bring my monster to life. I have to make it happen.

Other than that my good friends I will be back on more updates on my new books work in progress and what other happenings that is going on.

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