What inspires your creativity? Is a person, place, or thing?

When you were little did you aspire to be a person who inspired you?

When I was little I knew I had a wild imagination to create but I didnt know what to create or how to create it. I didn’t know what I could possibly be good at because I liked doing many things.

My inspiration came from a character by the name of Josephine March written my Lousia May Alcott in a story called Little women. I found myself to be like Josephine growing up. I was wild and good and I found how she expressed her creativity was on writing paper. So I did just that i wrote my first creative paragraph. I went on to take classes on writing. I wrote many short stories and poems that may never see the light of day but I did publish three books and plan to publish another by the beginning of 2021.

What inspired you to be who you are today? What are your plans for the future?

My future plays uncertain and I know I’ll never be as big and famous as many authors and that’s perfectly okay. I know people read my work and I’m not worried about fame or future. I care that my work is accessible to the world so that when I leave this life I have something to leave behind me.

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