The Peace

When John Lennon sang “all we are saying is give peace a chance” it was during the times of the Vietnam war because people didnt want a war back in 1969.

Now the year is 2020 and it rings a little differently referring to the police brutality in the United states. Its awful to see anyone pinned down and killed in cold blood.

I believe every single life matters. All the way from fetuses to the elderly awaiting their passing. To that little Chinese girl to that elderly black man sitting on his porch in his rocking chair to the teenage latino girl hanging out with her family at her family picnic to the white mother feeding her child. Every living being matters.

We all want one thing. Peace and equality. We don’t want to fight each other. We want equal pay for the same jobs. We want equal housing for all those who qualify. We want equal respect. That’s what is boils down to is respect.

People can say you’re white privileged all day long but what is it really? Defining someone is privileged because of their skin is nothing except assumptions. You dont know the bullying I went through because I was a woman. The people who laughed at me because I was a woman who wanted to at one point be a forensics officer. I’m white and I fear anyone. I’m scared as hell that anyone will rob me, kidnap me or rape me. That’s right I’m a white woman who fears her own color.

I understand justice needs to be served and believe me I’m all for it. I think if the man was hanged people would be happier. I want justice for all wrong doers.

Your skin color shouldn’t be assumed privileged because of what you were born with.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again I hate being white and everyone will bitch and moan and say it’s not about you. You’re right its not about me its about every single person in this country. Its about people of every race and color coming together for justice and finding peace.

We can’t find peace if cities are destroyed. We cant find peace if there are people who are here to start trouble causing chaos for others. We must round up the chaos and dispel it all.

We must be the peace we want to see. We must rise above the injustice and fight to remove those from office to make these lands equal for all.

Remember when Marilyn Monroe befriended famous jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald and helped her career by having her sing at LAs famous night club Mocambo back in 1954. Ella wasn’t being booked because she was black but Marilyn saw her for what she was, an artist and Marilyn used her platform to promote someone with less privilege. That’s peace. Thats helping each other rise to the top. Thats showing that we can treat each other with respect.

Final note: I will not argue with anyone. Everyone has a right to justice and their own opinion. This is a safe place for me to speak my mind. I love all humans no matter where you come from so please dont think anything less.

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