It wasn’t wasted time

Short thoughts for today:

Year after year I have suffered pain from the past. But as time continues im starting to forget what that pain felt like. The betrayal attached to it or even the feeling of wasted time. Im starting to forget those men who came into my life temporarily. Im forgetting what I had felt for those at one point in the past. Because now they truly don’t matter nor any of the worthlessness or failure that I felt because of them. You’ve washed away all the pain I had endured. All the regret of wasted time. You’ve shown me that it all wasn’t a waste but a blessing waiting to be gifted to me just when the time was right. That even though I had learned on my own that I am worthy of true love and that I am enough without needing someone to justify that I am good enough I had a pair of beautiful eyes show me that i wasn’t in fact fooling myself and that I was seeing the truth in which I began to believe in myself after so long of doubting myself. When I thought there was only one of me out there that I could never meet anyone truly genuine that matched my connections, my aura, my tone about life. Then you showed up just when I was about to give up and accept the fact that there was no one truly made for me. Time was passing so that I could eventually meet you and truly live happily and love fully without being hurt again. It wasn’t wasted time.

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