Haven’t in a while

So I haven’t written a blog in a while it seems and I’ll tell you why. I’ve been focused on honing my skills with yoga and my new job. I’ve gotten better at yoga to the point I can do headstands unassisted by a wall. I have been focused on my balance and breathing and learning each movement as if I were a Buddhist monk. I’ve been opening myself to learning and feeling with each breath during my flows and learning who I am and what I can tolerate. I am stronger than when I started out in Jan. I do yoga almost daily even if it’s just a simple stretching session. Some days I take a night off because it’s been a long day and jbdkmt want to move but that’s a part of human nature. Some days I have to pull myself onto that mat because I feel awful and my head hurts but my heart and soul crave that flow and once I’ve gotten through a session I feel better than when I started. I am falling in love each day with my journey and it is quite the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.


I didn’t feel like getting on my yoga mat tonight because I’ve been feeling blah all day so I didn’t get on the mat, I flowed off the mat and put my focus into my balance and my strength and just thought about me and the music I was listening to. I feel better. I feel less blah and I was able to ground myself and become one with myself. I am still just as tired as when I started but I feel tired with a better purpose now. This is why I love yoga.

Tonight I decided to get back on the mat after my initial round because I guess I wasn’t done and worked on my tripod headstand and with patience and focus I was able to lift my hips up and remove my knees from my forearms and almost extended all the way. Despite falling the three times that I did it and I didn’t care that I fell it’s the fact that I had enough strength in my body to support that leg lift and I’m so proud of myself.


Today I did it even when I wasn’t intending to work on a headstand. I usually do regular headstands assisted by a wall. Today I took a shot at a tripod headstand and nailed it on my first try. Now I haven’t attempted the tripod since elementary school when they wanted us to practice gymnastics and I failed and never tried again. A month ago I attempted the tripod but I wasn’t strong enough and I felt like I was going to break my neck for sure. Well today I gave it a shot for the hell of it and I felt so confident and proud that I did it two more times after the initial stand and took two videos both with two different versions. I have been strength training to help my upper body strength and despite how heavy weighted I am it’s certainly paying off.


So I knew I was tired but I had to get on my mat tonight for yoga because then I would regret it if I didn’t. Before I started my session I did a little bit of leg and arm strengthening with a resistant band and then as I was going through my flows and my stretches I decided I would participate in a few headstands because I wanted to keep them as part of my practice til I can do them without assistance from the wall. I noticed I was able to get into a headstand much easier and almost hold it without the wall. I also knew when to stop because my lower back started hurting so I stretched a little more to loosen up and then relaxed in savasana or corpse pose for as long as my body needed to restore itself. I’m a little more on the site side tonight but that’s because I worked harder. I’m starting to feel more confident about my strength and can’t wait til I can get back on the mat. Namaste.


Today I pushed myself a little more than normal because I knew I could do more. I don’t push myself to exhaustion but I do want to feel results. I took a 30 minute power walk this morning to wake up and freshen my body. Later on closer to lunch I decided to get on the mat and stretch and ended up doing a little bit of a flow. As I was feeling in tune with myself i encouraged myself to try for the headstand. It took a few tries but I succeeded even though I did have the wall. I started stretching with the wall and it felt amazing. It just goes to show that you must keep practicing to achieve where you want to be. Believe and you will succeed.